Fishing Merit Badge

3 classes/1-½ hours per class     $60/student

Minimum 6 students; 2 chaperones      Please call for availability, 860-535-9362.

Fishing is not just throwing a hook in the water and hoping you’ll catch something. To be a successful fisher you must educate yourself on fish biology and habits.  Join a NESS badge counselor to earn your Fishing Merit Badge!  Activities include:
  • Learn the basics of fishing.
  • Tie basic fishing knots, bait hooks, and clean gear.
  • Practice fishing safety.
  • Try your hand at catching a fish.

By becoming more aware of our local fisheries and participating in fishing, students are placed in a position to care for the environment from which they benefit.  Students can bring their own fishing rods and tackle ready for use.   NESS rods are available and bait will be provided.