Kayak Geocaching (Ages 11-17)

Includes: geocaching & kayaking    $220/week

Learn basic navigation to participate in the fun hobby of Kayak Geocaching! Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt using a device that has GPS. Use charts, compasses, navigation, and GPS to track your kayak path. Make an item to let other geocachers know we’ve discovered a particular treasure, participate in the first ever NESS geocache kayak trail and go geocaching in different locations around Stonington and beyond! No previous kayaking experience is necessary, but an interest in the ocean, snorkeling, and kayaking is a must for this adventure week.  

Afternoon Class:
Mon – Friday,  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Week 4
(July 17-21)

Remaining Spots: Registration information is unavailable at this time.

Week 7 (August 7-11)

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