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  • Week 8 (Aug. 10-14)

    Fishery Fabrications (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

    Explore different aspects of recreational and commercial fisheries. Use engineering, fish research, and biomimicry design to construct a minnow trap and to make a fishing lure. Understand the use of charts, solunar tables, and tide info to pick the best fishing times. Analyze current fishing and aquaculture methods and design new methods that account for environmental impacts and commercial fishing economics. Includes: fishing, engineering, boat trips, and snorkel adventures.


  • Week 4: July 13-17

    Habitat Treks  (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

    Includes: fishing, crabbing kayaking, and snorkel adventures  

    Dive deep into many local marine ecosystems including the sandy beach, the salt marsh, estuaries, and underwater mud and sand flats. Try your luck at fishing and crabbing as you interpret environmental signs to find the best places to catch these wild animals!        $215
  • Week 7:  August 3-7 

    Blue Odyssey Biomimicry Engineers (AM Session,  9 am - 12 pm)

    Includes: designing and engineering, microscopes, kayaking and snorkel adventures

    Venture into the many ecosystems in our area to gather inspiration from the plants and animals whose mechanisms and adaptations do it best! Design a prototype of a boat and create your own product to mass market by taking ideas of from nature.          $215
  • Feathered & Scaled Friends (ages 3-6)

    Mondays 2:00-3:30 pm         October 5, 19 & 26

    Enrollment: minimum 6 students

    Cost: $60

    Discover the winged world of birds and aquatic realm of fish. Search for all kinds of birds that spend lots of time in or near the water, learn about bird nests and migrations, inspect fish colors and shapes, and even dissect a fish. Don’t forget to bring your best bird calls and fish grunts as we try to communicate with our new friends.

  • NESS Holiday Mini Golf (Grades 1-4)

    Thursdays 4:00-5:30        December 3, 10 & 17

    Enrollment: minimum 7 students

    Cost: $60

    Take the best of sailing, marine science, surfing, fishing, and kayaking and create your very own Holiday themed miniature golf holes. In teams, pick a golf hole premise, investigate your topic, and then use engineering and creative design to bring your ideas to life! At the end, play a round of mini-golf on all of the holes.     

  • Rate Your Plate (Ages 9-13)

    Fridays 12:00-2:30 pm       February 5, 12 & 26

    Enrollment: minimum 6 students

    Cost: $100

    Let’s face it, seafood is delicious, but the path your seafood takes from water to waiter has varying impacts on the world’s ocean.  Experiment and simulate different fishing techniques to determine the best means of avoiding bycatch, overfishing, and habitat destruction.  Learn about aquaculture and propose and design your own idea to the NESS Fishery Judges.

  • Week 2 (July 3-7)

    Micro Detectives (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Solve a variety of micro mysteries that only the best detectives can crack.  Investigate micro mysteries pertaining to The Great Plankton Race, What’s in Our Water, Colonial Animals, and What’s in the Wind.  Use microscopes, document cameras, experiments, simulations, and field explorations to unlock the answers.   


  • 2015 505 North American Championships

    Maeve Ryan
    September 22, 2015

    Drew Buttner and I just finished racing the last four days in Annapolis, Maryland, for the 505 North American Championships. This was a great event that was stacked with the best of the best in North America.



  • Fishing (Ages 11-17)

    Includes: fishing & boat rides    $260/week

    Summer is the best time of year for fishing, but you need the knowledge of fish habits to help narrow down the best fishing areas by boat and from shore.  Open to both experienced and new anglers.  Learn the basics of a variety of styles of fishing including rod and reel trolling, bottom fishing, fly fishing, clamming and lobster fishing. Students will also learn about tying knots, baiting hooks, cleaning gear, and practicing fishing safety. Become more aware of local fisheries and fishing impacts. We practice catch and release only.  Students should bring their own fishing rods and tackle ready for use.  Some NESS rods are available and bait will be provided, please call to inquire. 

    Afternoon Class:
    Mon – Friday,  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


    Week 4 (July 17-21)

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    Week 7 (August 7-11)

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    Week 10 (August 28-Sept 1)

  • Week 7 (Aug. 3-7)

    Science, Surf, Fish, Yak (Full Day Session, 9 am - 4 pm)

    Join NESS for a full day program experiencing all the different habitats Long Island Sound has to offer. Explore a barrier beach and the marshes behind it, go fishing in one of the best fishing spots in New England, experience a taste of surfing and boogie boarding, kayak, and snorkel in four different habitats. Includes: full day programming, taste of surfing, fishing, boogie boarding, stand up paddle boarding, boat trips and snorkel adventures.