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  • NESS SEA AmeriCorps





    NESS SEA (STEM Education Ambassador) AmeriCorps Program

    The NESS SEA (STEM Education Ambassador) AmeriCorps program uses … more


  • NLYA Summer Work For It! 2015 Alumni

    Camden Salcedo

    My name is Camden Salcedo. I am going into my junior year at the Marine Science Magnet High School. My interests are science, mainly marine science and meteorology. I like … more


  • Fall Programs: Homeschool

    Mike Smith
    August 20, 2015

    Fall is just around the corner! Enjoy the warm water and great weather; get out on the water with us!



  • Grades 9 - 12

       Science by Sail offers a variety of options while sailing aboard one of our 23’ Sonar sailboats. These sailboats are catalysts for learning about our local ecosystems. … more


  • Year-Round Staff

    Spike Lobdell, President

    Spike founded NESS in 2002 and now serves as its President (2008 - present). He established NESS with a vision of enabling everyone to get out on the water learning … more


  • 2017-2018 AmeriCorps Members

    Learn more about the NESS SEA AmeriCorps Program

    Meet our 2016-2017 NESS SEA AmeriCorps Alumni

    Erin Christiansen, NESS SEA AmeriCorps Manager

    Erin graduated from the University of Kansas … more


  • FAQs



    What is NESS?

    New England Science & Sailing (NESS) is a nonprofit ocean adventure program. We engage students in experiential learning that builds confidence, teamwork, … more


  • Catch a Curl 2015

    Mistral Dodson
    September 25, 2015

    Thank you Peter Pan for writing this excellent recap of Catch a Curl this past Sunday!



  • Top Ten Reasons to Learn to Sail at NESS

    Why learn to sail? Sailing is one of the most empowering activities, especially for children. Being out on the water, in a boat, sometimes all by oneself, with no parents around, enhances personal … more