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  • Advisory Council

    Gerry Boisvert

    John Duerden

    Drew Hollenbeck

    Gary Johnson

    Julia Knowlton

    Erica Lindberg

    Dan McLeod

    Dan Meiser

    Bob Osieski

    Dana Rowan

    J. Michael Smiles

    David Smith

    Joe Staley

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  • Board of Directors

    Current Board Members

    Frances Ashley

    Tim Desmond

    Deborah Dodds

    Richard Farmer

    Bill Follett – Chairman of the Board

    Allegra Griffiths

    Steve Hazard

    Michael Hennessy

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  • January Reflections

    Maggie C.
    No Comments February 5, 2017

    Red-cheeked and ruddy, four sixth graders push their way through the driving January wind and rain to conduct currents calculations on a very swollen and swift-moving Alewife cove.



  • Proclamation from the City of New London

    Caroline Pierce
    December 28, 2016

    It has been a busy and exciting year in New London!