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  • Week 7 (Aug. 3-7)

    Feathered & Scaled Friends (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

    Discover the winged world of birds and aquatic realm of fish. Search for all kinds of birds that spend lots of time in or near the water, learn about bird nests and migrations, inspect fish colors and shapes, and even dissect a fish. Don’t forget to bring your best bird calls and fish grunts as we try to communicate with our new friends.


  • Week 9 (Aug. 17-21)

    Secrets at Sea (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

    Follow maps and clues to reach different ecosystems and find the natural treasures within the environment. Use compasses, kayaks, microscopes, and animal evidence to decipher the hints to reveal and find your destinations. Learn about some animal adaptions and make comparisons of a variety of living and preserved animals.


  • Fishery Engineering (Ages 10-13)

    July 13 – 17,  Mon-Fri 1:00 - 4:00 pm       $190/week

    Includes: fishing, engineering, kayaking and snorkel adventures

    Break down the science, conservation, and practicality of recreational and commercial fisheries.  Use engineering, fish research, and biomimicry design to construct a minnow trap and to make a fishing lure.  Utilize current fishing methods to analyze the impacts on fish populations and commercial fishing economics.
  • Junior Windsurfing (Ages 10-13)

    July 20 – 24,   Mon-Fri 1:00 - 4:00 pm     $265/week

    Includes: Windsurfing

    Looking for something a bit different and challenging? Windsurfing is a sport that teaches balance and strength. Learn the basics of windsurfing including proper stance, self-rescue, tacking and gybing as well as some basic sail theory. Taught on our Bic Techno 293 boards we have a sail to fit your size.
  • Amazing Outdoor Jobs (Ages 10-13)

    Aug 10 - 14,   Mon-Fri 1:00 - 4:00 pm     $190/week

    Includes: boogie boarding, kayaking & snorkeling

    Do you love to be outside and have dreams of someday working with animals, building things, or protecting areas?  Have you ever wondered what it might be like to be a park ranger, a fisherman, or even a marine biologist?  Each day get a new exciting job that will keep you learning, laughing, and excited.   
  • Underwater Explorations (Ages 10-13)

    July 20 – 24, Aug 17 – 21,  Mon-Fri  1:00 - 4:00 pm      $190/week

    Includes: taste of surfing, kayaking, boogie boarding, and snorkel adventures

    Learn how the fascination of science relates to the fun filled adventures of kayaking, boogie boarding, and a small taste of surfing.  Link science concepts of wind & wave formation, beach dynamics, and animal structure and function to these fun adventurous sports. 
  • Environmental Science Badge

    3 classes/2 hours per class          $90/participant

    Minimum 6 participant                  Please call for availability, 860-535-9362.

    Includes: 1 boat trip

    Join a NESS Environmental Science Badge Counselor and meet all the requirements to obtain your Fishing Badge. Some activities include:
      • Compare and contrast two different habitats by observing local organisms that thrive in different environments.
      • Conduct experiments on the effects of water pollution, land pollution and air pollution on animal life.
      • Investigate renewable energy and biodegradable debris.
  • Daisy: Rose Petal

    1 class/1½ hours per class      $20/student
    Minimum 6 students; 2 chaperones     Please call for availability, 860-535-9362.  

    Earn your rose petal by discovering new habitats and making the world a better place!  Explore the harsh intertidal habitat and conduct water tests to determine the habitat’s health.  Finish the day helping your community and the world by performing a beach cleanup!
  • Tiger Cubs: "Let's Go Outdoors"

    1 class/1½ hours per class    $25/student
    Minimum 6 students; 2 chaperones
    Please call for availability, 860-535-9362.  

    Join a NESS Badge Counselor and meet some of the requirements to obtain your “Let’s Go Outdoors” Achievement.  This program meets at Bluff Point to identify different types of wildlife and plants, learn hiking manners, and create art with nature.
  • Wolf Scouts: Fishing Elective

    1 class/1½ hours per class     $20/student
    Minimum 6 participants; 2 chaperones
    Please call for availability, 860-535-9362.  

    Identify different types of fish while practicing your skills in fishing with a NESS badge counselor.  Learn to rig a pole, bait your hook, and how to safely fish from a dock.