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  • Week 6 (July 31-August 4)

    Aquatic Adventures (PM Session, 1 pm-4 pm)

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    Get a taste of sailing, kayaking, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, and a windsurfing simulation in this adventure program.  Build your muscles with a taste of kayaking, feel the gentle rock and roll of a sailboat while tied to the dock, practice your balance using surfboards and learn the technique of pulling up a windsurf sail.


  • Week 9 (August 21-25)

    Boards & Biology (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Learn how the fascination of science relates to the fun filled adventures of stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, and a taste of surfing.  Link science concepts of wind & wave formation, beach dynamics, biomimicry, and animal structure and function to adventure sports.  Includes: taste of surfing, stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, boat trips, & snorkel adventures


  • Week 8 (August 14-18)

    Navigation Pentathlon (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Gain navigation skills and then put them to the test in this 5-day team event adventure!  Go geocaching, be the first to navigate to a marine science site, create your own treasure map, try underwater navigation while snorkeling, and use compasses to navigate while kayaking.  Includes: geocaching, kayaking, boat trips, & snorkel adventures


  • Fall Programs: After-School & Weekend

    Maeve Ryan
    August 20, 2015

    Fall is just around the corner! Enjoy the warm water and great weather; get out on the water with us!



  • Adult Intermediate - Summer 2015

    Enrollment is limited to 4 adults per class.  No Experience Required

    Build upon your sailing skills and find other people who share a passion for getting out on the water. This class is designed for intermediate sailors and those who have recently taken a Learn to Sail program.   This program will boost confidence and hone your sailing skills such as sailing upwind, reading telltales, and sailing downwind angles.
    Weekdays, 1:30-5:00 pm
    2 Days, $155
    Weekday Evenings, 5:30-7:30 pm
    4 Days, $155
               Saturdays,             9am-12:30pm/1:30-5pm  
    2 Days, $135
    Sundays, 12-3:30 pm
    2 Days, $135
    June 25+26
    June 30 + July 1 
    July 9+10
    July 14+15
    July 23+24
    July 28+29
    Aug 6+7
    Aug 11+12
    Aug 20+21
    Aug 25+26
    June 25,26 + July 2,3
    July 7,8 + 14,15
    July 23,24 + 30,31
    Aug 4,5 + 11,12
    Aug 20,21 + 27,28

     July 11+18

    Aug 8+15

    July 5 + 12 

    Aug 2+9

  • Adult Learn to Sail - Summer 2015

    Enrollment is limited to 4 adults per class.  No Experience Required

    Designed to build strong foundational sailing skills, this course is appropriate for beginner and intermediate sailors who want a refresher course.   The program provides a thorough introduction to sailing lingo, rigging and de-rigging, basic sailing maneuvers and safety and gets you some good sea time.
    Weekdays, 1:30-5:00 pm
    2 Days, $155
    Weekday Evenings, 5:30-7:30 pm
    4 Days, $155
                 Saturdays,            9am-12:30 pm/1:30-5 pm        2 Days, $135    Sundays, 12-3:30 pm
    2 Days, $135
    June 23+24
    July 2+3
    July 7+8
    July 16+17
    July 21+22
    July 30+31
    Aug 4+5 
    Aug 13+14 
    Aug 18+19 
    Aug 27+28
    June 23,24+ 30,July 1
    July 9,10 + 16,17 
    July 21,22 + 28,29
    Aug 6,7 + 13,14
    Aug 18,19 + 25,26 
    June 27 + July 4
    July 25 + Aug 1
    Aug 22 + 29
    June 21 + 28 
    July 19 + 26  
    Aug 16 + 23

  • Wave Monkeys (Ages 9-12)

    Includes: boogie boarding, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking & boat trips    $280/week

    Waves, waves and more waves! If you are a monkey and love being in the water and riding on waves, then this week is for YOU! We will be testing our water riding skills out on as many different types of boats & boards that we can. Boogie boarding, surfing, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.  This is the ultimate water adventure, testing your core, balance and fitness. This class has been specifically designed for ages 9 – 12 years old so no experience is necessary as long as you are comfortable on and in the water. We will teach you the basics! Come have fun in the sun while learning valuable ocean safety skills.

    Morning Class:

    Mon – Friday,  9:00 am – 12:00 pm


    Week 1
    (June 20-24)
    Week 3 (July 5-8) * $225/week
    Week 9 (August 15-19) 

    Afternoon Class:

    Mon – Friday,  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Week 6
     (July 25-29)
    Week 10 (August 22-26)

  • Fishing (Ages 11-17)

    Includes: fishing & boat rides    $260/week

    Summer is the best time of year for fishing, but you need the knowledge of fish habits to help narrow down the best fishing areas by boat and from shore.  Open to both experienced and new anglers.  Learn the basics of a variety of styles of fishing including rod and reel trolling, bottom fishing, fly fishing, clamming and lobster fishing. Students will also learn about tying knots, baiting hooks, cleaning gear, and practicing fishing safety. Become more aware of local fisheries and fishing impacts. We practice catch and release only.  Students should bring their own fishing rods and tackle ready for use.  Some NESS rods are available and bait will be provided, please call to inquire. 

    Afternoon Class:
    Mon – Friday,  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


    Week 4 (July 17-21)

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    Week 7 (August 7-11)

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    Week 10 (August 28-Sept 1)

  • Week 7 (Aug. 3-7)

    Salty Dogs (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

    Leave the landlubbers behind and become a salty dog as you submerse yourself in the realm of boats and buoyancy. Perform experiments based on the forces of floating, design your own model boat, and become Captain of your own vessel by getting a taste of sailing safely in an Opti and paddling a kayak! Sing some sea shanties, learn about life on sailing ships from our past, and even hear about dogs that went to sea with their sailor owners. Includes: 1 boat trip in the harbor aboard the Dodson’s Launch.


  • Week 4 (July 13-17)

    ROV Construction (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

    Design, create, build, and test a SeaPerch ROV. Work as a team through the entire process from soldering circuits, putting together motors and blades, water proofing electronics, experimenting with ROV shape, testing buoyancy, and perfecting ROV performance in the ocean through a series of fun and challenging scenarios. Take one boat trip to test your design in the Sound. Includes: 1 boat trip, Fabrication of SeaPerch ROVs, NESS ROV Shop Tools, tool instruction, ROV testing.