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  • Just for Teens: Hartley and 420  (ages 13-16)

    Monday – Friday, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm           $285/week

    July 3-7*, July 17-21, July 31-August 4, August 14-18, August 21-25

    NEW COMBO CLASS!!!! New this year we have taken our Hartley Adventures class and added 420s into the mix. Not only will students be able to blast around in the Hartley but they will also be introduced to spinnakers and the trapeze with the addition of 420s. Get ready for some high performance fun as you take to Fishers Island Sound learning new skills and building upon concepts already learned.
    *228/week, NESS will be closed Monday, July 4
  • Week 8 (August 14-18)

    Wildlife Warriors (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

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    Journey into the outdoors and have fun kayaking, snorkeling, and boogie boarding around Little Narragansett Bay.  Take part in a student run wildlife fair and decide, formulate, and carry out an activity with your fellow classmates to help benefit the ocean and its wildlife.  Use the ancient art of gyotaku to create a fish print on a T-shirt.  Includes:  kayaking, boogie boarding, fish printing (bring a light colored T-shirt), at least 1 boat trip, & snorkeling


  • Week 9 (August 21-25)

    Life of an Aquarist (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

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    Create, catch, feed, and clean as you jump into the life of an aquarist!  In teams, build an aquarium habitat from the gravel up while looking into animal behavior and learning what it takes to make and sustain a thriving saltwater mini-ecosystem.  Decide what sediment, algae, and animals will reside in your aquarium as you learn to care for your system and the life in your tank.  Includes: aquariums, at least 1 boat trip, & snorkeling


  • Week 3 (July 10-14)

    ROV Construction (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

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    Design, create, build, and test a SeaPerch ROV.  Work as a team through the entire process from soldering circuits, water proofing electronics, experimenting with ROV shape and design, testing buoyancy, and perfecting ROV performance in the ocean through a series of fun and challenging scenarios.  Take one boat trip to test your design in the Sound.  Includes: 1 boat trip, Fabrication of SeaPerch ROVs, use of NESS ROV Shop Tools, tool instruction, ROV testing


  • Week 3 (July 10-14)

    Science by Sail (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Travel to field sites by sail boat to experience the ultimate in marine science and sailing adventure.  Learn rigging, sail handling, steering and other basics while in route on a 23ft Sonar keelboat.  Perform water quality assessments, analyze a plankton tow, ponder renewable energy sources, employ navigation skills, snorkel, explore, and have lots of fun using sail boats as our marine science headquarters.  Includes: sailing, marine science, & snorkel adventures


  • Week 5 (July 24-28)

    Boards & Microbiology (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Investigate nanotechnology, the effects of surface area at a micro and nano level, and planktonic diversity while linking these concepts to fun filled adventures of stand up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, and a taste of surfing.  Relate microbiology concepts to engineering new adventure sport designs, environmental awareness, and animal health and abundance.  Includes: taste of surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, boogie boarding, microscopes, boat trips, & snorkel adventures 


  • Week 8 (August 14-18)

    Aquarium Husbandry (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Dive into the role of an animal husbandry specialist as you build your own aquarium habitat! Decide as a team for what sediment, algae, and animals will reside in your tank.  Take ownership as you learn to care for your animals and use water chemistry tests to make sure your aquarium is a healthy ecosystem.  Analyze animal behavior, look into animal training techniques, and experiment with training approaches.  Includes:  aquarium care, boat trips, & snorkel adventures


  • Week 7 (August 7-11)

    The Breeze & The Seas (AM Session, 9 am - 12 pm)

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    Learn all about the breeze and the seas as you take command of a vessel with a safe taste of sailing, kayaking, and even a windsurf simulation.  Discover how breezes occur, experiment with the power of wind by creating a wind powered vessel, and find out what types of plants and animals rely on strong winds and high seas.  Take a short voyage on the Dodson’s Launch to experience the conditions in the harbor.  Includes: 1 boat trip in the harbor aboard the Dodson’s Launch. 


  • Week 3 (July 10-14)

    Adventure Art (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Get out into the wild to find new ways to express art!  Paint, draw, engineer, utilize iPads for photography, and use other means to express creativity.  Gain inspiration by traveling to a variety of ecosystems, inspecting waves, looking into ocean illusions, and investigating the art of camouflage.  Explore the colors of our ocean and adventure through a variety of artistic and adventurous mediums.  Includes:  boogie boarding, art, boat trips, & snorkel adventures


  • Week 4 (July 11-15)

    Aquaponic Engineers (PM Session, 1 pm - 4 pm)

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    Plunge into the world of aquaponics while learning about plant and animal relationships.  Work in teams to design and engineer your own mini-ecosystem, troubleshoot issues, and redesign.  Test, measure, and hypothesize using current aquaponic ventures.  Manipulate your own systems to maximize potential results for plants and animals.  Use microscopes to look closely at some results and snorkel to gather ideas of plant, algae, and animal relationships.  Includes: aquaponics, engineering, microscopes, boat trips, & snorkel adventures