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  • New London Initiative

    An Ocean-Minded Education

    New London Magnet Schools and New England Science & Sailing Foundation (NESS) are committed to providing quality STEM opportunities that build scholars who are … more


  • FAQs



    What is NESS?

    New England Science & Sailing (NESS) is a nonprofit ocean adventure program. We engage students in experiential learning that builds confidence, teamwork, … more


  • Ocean Literacy & Standards

    Ocean Literacy Principles

    NESS programs reflect the principles set forth by “Ocean Literacy: The Essential Principles of Ocean Sciences K – 12” published in June 2005 by the … more


  • January Reflections

    Maggie C.
    No Comments February 5, 2017

    Red-cheeked and ruddy, four sixth graders push their way through the driving January wind and rain to conduct currents calculations on a very swollen and swift-moving Alewife cove.



  • Taking Action to Address Marine Debris: Youth-Led Social Change at BDJMS

    Willie Barber
    February 26, 2016

    The highly motivated 7th grade LEAD students at Bennie Dover Jackson Middle School (BDJMS) are making a difference! For the past few weeks, they have been diligently creating a proposal to take action and bring environmental awareness to the people of New London and its greater community.



  • Financial Aid


    Scholarship Policy and Guidelines

    Financial Aid – Overview

    We believe that the confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills learned by participating in NESS’s ocean … more


  • New London Community Boating


    NESS-New London Community Boating 

    Welcome to NESS New London Community Boating! NESS New London Community Boating (NESS NLCB) is a core component of the NESS New London … more


  • NESS Receives Awards from US Sailing

    Caroline Knowles
    February 17, 2017

    NESS and two of its employees received US Sailing Community Sailing Awards for their 2016 achievements.