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  • TEST Week 1 (June 23-27)

    Ahoy Matey! (AM Session, 9 am -12 pm)

    Learn about all kinds of boats including sailing ships, Optis, kayaks, and even submarines. Sing some sea shanties, become a pirate, hear about long lost tales of the deep, and investigate ocean life along the shore. Captain your own sailboat while tied to the NESS pirate docks and get a taste of kayaking.
    Includes: 1 boat trip in the harbor aboard the Dodson's Launch.




    Animals Big & Small (PM Session, 1 pm -4 pm)

    The Earth has an incredible amount of animals, both big and small. Spend time investigating the mostly very small plankton and insects, hand-sized tide pool animals, and gigantic whales. Touch fur, skulls, teeth, and tusks. Compare some sea creatures to other creatures found on land.



  • Drifter Buoys

    Steve Elci
    No Comments January 27, 2017

    The 7th grade STEM Magnet Middle School students participating in the NESS program are ready for their next challenge! Last week students used computers to access real-time data and observed the trends of global current patterns in order to explore the interactions of our ocean atmosphere and understand its vital role in weather and climate.



  • Pre K-K

    Little Technauts Choose a Little Technaut challenge that can include driving a remote operated vehicle (ROV), manipulating microscopes to discover the tiny world of plankton, using iPads to … more


  • Get In the Holiday Spirit!

    Caroline Pierce
    December 3, 2015

    3 ways to get in the holiday spirit at NESS!



  • 2015 AweSTEM Back to School Fun

    Caroline Pierce
    September 23, 2015

    One month ago, NESS held their first “AweSTEM Back to School” event for students in grades 2-6. NESS, a proud US Sailing REACH sub-hub, offered an afternoon of free programming for 44 students from Connecticut and Rhode Island.



  • NESS's Summer Program Registration Opens In One Week!

    Jordan Slocum
    January 25, 2016

    NESS will open its summer program registration one week from today (2/1/16)!



  • fitNESS


    NESS is not just for kids!

    Take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and get outside!

    Pre-registration encouraged but walk-ins welcome! Please arrive a few minutes early to … more


  • Powerboating Tips from NESS’s Director of Operations

    Maeve Ryan
    No Comments August 10, 2016

    Top 5 Tips from NESS's Ben Yanni



  • Exciting Winter Homeschool Offerings at NESS

    Mike Smith
    December 18, 2015

    We have a lot of activity this winter for homeschool students! Join us for programs, take part in the Long Island Sound Foundation drawing contest, and attend our Homeschool NESStival!



  • Luxury Yacht Vacation on TIVOLI

    Your ship has come in! Whether you want to play, entertain, relax, sightsee, or just vacation far away from it all, the private luxury motor yacht TIVOLI provides the passage to your dreams, … more