Blue Grit Stories

  • Quahog Bowl

    Danielle B.
    No Comments February 14, 2017

    This past week, I had the incredible opportunity to coach one of New London's Science and Technology Magnet High School (STMHS) teams in the Quahog Bowl.



  • January Reflections

    Maggie C.
    No Comments February 5, 2017

    Red-cheeked and ruddy, four sixth graders push their way through the driving January wind and rain to conduct currents calculations on a very swollen and swift-moving Alewife cove.



  • Ice Fishing

    March 9, 2015

    Saturday, February 7th
    At 7:00am I am packing my car for an exciting day of ice fishing. Overcast skies and temperatures hovering around freezing set the scene for a perfect day on the ice. After letting my car warm up, I go through my checklist: bait, ice-auger for drilling through the ice, tip-ups to trap the fish, and safety equipment. I head up the road to get some snacks and then on to the ice. The ice is awesome; 16 inches thick and freezing temps have made the ice thicker than I have seen in years. As soon as I find the perfect spot, I start drilling holes and begin to set up several ice fishing traps. Before anyone even arrives I have already caught a pickerel. The NESS students, a mix of kids and parents, have arrived and I double check they have layered warm clothes. Then, we head off onto the ice.



  • I Feel Like the King of the World!!!

    February 17, 2015

    This story is about Johnny*.  Johnny is a special kid with glasses, a big smile, a look of wonder on his face, and a love for learning and experiencing new things.  He wasn’t always this way though.