Fall Programs: Homeschool

Mike Smith
August 20, 2015

Fall is just around the corner! Enjoy the warm water and great weather; get out on the water with us!

Fall Programs

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September Homeschool:

Registration due August 31. Click here to see full program descriptions and pricing.

  • Planet Ocean (ages 3-6): The ocean makes up about 70% of the Earth! Explore parts of this vast oceanic ecosystem including our coastlines and the dark depths of the deep sea by foot, kayak, and imagination.
  • Amphibious Adventures (ages 4 - 6): Impersonate the amazing amphibious animals of our world while keeping your skin wet with some water adventures.
  • Whales, Tales & Gales, Oh My! (ages 4-6): Learn all about whales from tip to tail, hear about tales of sailors from long ago, and consider the world of meteorology while analyzing clouds, wind, and rainbows.
  • Snorkeling (ages 7-12): Jump into the ocean world by safely snorkeling the waters around Stonington Borough by foot and by boat all while having fun learning about marine life!
  • Kayak Fishing (ages 7-12): Learn the basics of fishing from a kayak, tying knots, baiting hooks, cleaning gear, and practicing fishing safety.
  • Homeschool Sailing (ages 6-11): Homeschool Sailing is built for new sailors as well as sailors who are building upon the foundation of sailing skills learned in a previous class.
  • Watersport Adventure (ages 7-10): Enjoy a taste of kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, sailing, and take the first exciting step in learning to surf by practicing your stance, balance, paddle technique, and duck dives safely in the harbor.
  • Bio Expedition (ages 7-12):Explore diverse ecosystems in Stonington and Little Narragansett Bay by boat and foot.
  • SUP-Yak-Fish (ages 11-18): Combine the best of stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, and fishing to become a SUP-Yak-Fisher!
  • Teen Homeschool Sailing (ages 11-18): Class is designed for beginner sailors who might be a little older and/or are interested in double handed boats.
  • Keel Boat Adventures (ages 11-18): Learn the basics of sailing a small keelboat in a setting that also works with team building.
  • Surfing (ages 11-18): Have you ever thought about learning how to surf? Have you just started surfing and want to improve your skills? Come immerse yourself in the waters of coastal Rhode Island.

October Homeschool:

Registration due October 2. Click here to see full program descriptions and pricing.

  • Feathered & Scaled Friends (ages 3-6): Discover the winged world of birds and aquatic realm of fish.
  • Micro Meteorologists (ages 4 - 6): Weather is an amazing and sometimes mysterious thing.
  • Habitat Hunt (ages 4-6): Venture to a variety of animal habitats in our local area.
  • Camouflage Masquerades (ages 7-10): Stripes, spots, texture, chromatophores, and more!
  • ROVs & Marine Debris (ages 7-10): Work in teams to design and test a remote operated vehicle (ROV).
  • Marine Videography (ages 11-18): Venture into the outdoors to film and photograph animals, ecosystems, and adventure.
  • Aquaponic Science (ages 11-18): Submerse yourself in the incredible animal and plant nutrient cycling systems of aquaponics.
  • Aquariums & Terrariums (ages 8-12):Create marine and terrestrial ecosystems for marine and terrestrial organisms.

Click here to see full program descriptions and pricing.