Event offers surf comp experience to juniors under age of 17

Peter Pan
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The surf gods treated ESA competitors to a second weekend of decent waves, as Hurricane Julia pushed up just enough swell from the Carolinas, to give the annual “Catch A Curl” contest a waist high swell at the Westerly Town Beach, in Rhode Island.

Mistral Dodson, contest director of the New England Science and Sailing Institute, which sponsored the event, was pleased with the turnout, and the great Fall weather. “We have perfect surf for the kids, and it is sunny and in the 80’s,” said Mistral. “We could not have asked for better conditions.”

The contest was open to only junior surfers under 17 years of age, and many of the local surf shops donated prizes for all the finalists. There was close contests in every category, as competitors tried to find those elusive sections in the fast breaking shore pound.

Dillon Moran squeezed by Devin Yawkorsky in the “Ankle-Biters (10 and under/beginners) division, pushing through a left on his last ride of the final heat. This was one of the closest contests of the entire day. ESA veteran Noah Gartner’ s first ride of the heat, a solid right that held up into the shore break, propelled him to the win over Graham Ray in the “Menehune” (11-14/beginners and intermediates) category. Justin Parilla finished a close 3rd riding the lefts.

In the “Kahuna Boys” (under 17 intermediate/advanced) final, it was Rob Darling’s two sectioning left slides that pushed him past Jayden Parry, who was working over the smaller rights that popped up on the far side of the contest area. John McGeough nailed one right section and worked it for a 3rd place finish.

In the female ranks, it was Carina Healy topping Hannah Seltzer in the “Wahine” (11-14 beginner/intermediate) final, while undefeated ESA veteran Lily Gartner nailed two steep left peaks to win the “Big Kahuna Girls” (under 17/intermediate and advanced) over Sarah Billis.

ESA competitors are hoping to make it 3 weeks in a row, when they hit the “Battle of the Beach” this coming Saturday at Mary’s Bar/Matunuck Point in South Kingstown. Contest organizer Conrad Ferla has amassed a huge inventory of prizes, including 10 brand new surfboards, to award the winners of this non-rated event. The Ocean Mist Bar and Grill, co-sponsor of the contest, will feature reggae and surf bands throughout the day and evening. Sign-ups are from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM at the beach in front of the Ocean Mist.

Final Results of the Catch A Curl Grom Fest, held in 2-3 foot surf at the Westerly Town Beach, Westerly, Rhode Island on September 17, 2016

Ankle Biters-1.Dillon Moran 2.Devin Yawkorsky 3.Owen Faubert 4.Elena Menzies

Menehunes-1.Noah Gartner 2.Graham Ray 3.Justin Parilla 4.Jack Morrone 5.Dylan Holtbakk 6.Rob Darling 7.Aiden Faubert 8.Baxter Menzies

Wahine Girls-1.Carina Healy 2.Hannah Seltzer

Kahuna Boys-1.Rob Darling 2.Jayden Parry 3.John McGeough 4.Justin Parilla 5.Dylan Holtbakk 6.Graham Ray 7.Noah Gartner Kahuna Girls-1.Lily Gartner 2.Sarah Billis
*The article was written by Peter Pan for the Eastern Surfing Association. All photos by Lisa Haase (photo gallery password: waterstreet).

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