Squid Fishing

May 7, 2015

A lot of the time squid are closer than you may think, but you seldom see them. They stay deep and don’t come out during the day. But at night everything changes. Emboldened by the darkness squid will dart in and out of the shadows, between the murky depths under the submarine lights. Sometimes a whole group of squid will materialize right before your eyes and disappear in a flash. They are attracted to light for the smorgasbord of food items, shrimp, shiners, and plankton. Squid are super aggressive which can make them easy and exciting to catch. They will actively pursue and attack anything that looks like food, including each other!

Squid are classified as cephalopods which means, “head-foot” in Latin. They have chromataphors in their skin which allow them to change color and clarity very quickly. Squid are mostly soft have bodied but have 3 different hard body parts, including the beak, pen, and eyeballs.

The two times of year when the squid are most available are the spring and the fall. During these times the squid come close enough to be caught from shore or at least the docks. When catching squid special methods must be used to avoid being sprayed with squid ink. It is harmless but will ruin clothing. Squid are delicious when eaten fresh. They also make superior fresh bait. Most finfish will go out of their way to get squid.  

Ness has had one group come and experience this exciting and unusual fishery. Using squid jigs and lights we are able to attract squid close enough to get them to attack. When the squid appear, other larger predators will not be far behind. Come to NESS and try out this fun and exciting class. No fishing license is required!