Looking for a vacation activity?

Caroline Pierce
No Comments December 26, 2016

Do you have kids home for vacation or family in town for the holidays? If so, we have a couple of activity ideas for you!

If the weather permits, get outside and clean up our shoreline!


FIRST: Download Marine Debris tracker APP on your phone (iPhone) (Google Play)


1) choose the Rozalia Project list

2) enter data

3) submit and enter

                username: NESS

                password: cleanocean

Go get em' Marine Debris Team!

Looking for an indoor activity? Get started on your Calendar Contest Drawing!

The 2017 Long Island Sound drawing contest is open to all Connecticut students currently in Grades K-6. Participating classes and schools are asked to select one drawing per eligible grade to submit for judging and mail them to NESS no later than April 7, 2017. Individual children may submit a drawing on their own if the class or school is not participating. The contest is a great opportunity for parents and teachers to provide their students with a hands-on experience and to educate them about Long Island Sound and its watershed!

For more information about the drawing contest, please visit nessf.org/schools/LIScalendar.

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