2016 NLYA Summer Work For It!

Meet our NLYA Summer Work For It! Alumni

Camden Salcedo

My name is Camden Salcedo. I am entering my final year in high school, and plan to study a discipline in the fields of marine science, meteorology, or law. Outside of school and work, I enjoy biking, surfing, making movies with my brother and friends on one of two YouTube channels, and taking trips to Rocky Neck State Park, my favorite place to vacation. As this is my second year working with New England Science and Sailing, my goals have shifted focus. One is to make a lasting impact here at NESS and Ocean Beach. I plan to create a film on the diverse ecosystems here at Ocean Beach, and illustrate on the immediate action required to save Ocean Beach's salt marsh from the effects of the famed superstorm Sandy. My second goal for this summer is to assist in programming for youth in order to secure marine appreciation and knowledge of their surroundings. Our kayaking, snorkeling, and creek excursion programs will allow me to carry out this and NESS's original purpose; to have everyone and anyone get out on the water and learn.  My third goal is to prepare myself for college. My interests and potential schools will need to be narrowed down before application periods begin at the beginning of the school year. I believe my experience with NESS will allow me to streamline my beliefs in order to help me achieve the perfect career path and college. NESS will allow me to achieve my goals this summer, but allow me to begin taking responsibility for myself, and most importantly, enjoy my last summer vacation as a high school student. I look forward to work every day.

Speshell Wise

Angie Portella

Nyah Ingram

My name is Nyah Ingram I am an on-going 8th grader at Bennie Dover Jackson middle school. My hobbies are dancing, singing, and being with my friends and family My goal is to make other people happy about themselves and make them happy about kayaking so they can achieve their goals that they have set for themselves. I was born in new London Connecticut. I was raised in Groton Connecticut and Savannah, GA.

Ambar Negron

My name is Ambar Negron and I'm Puerto Rican, but I have lived in New Lond quite some years. I attend Grasso Tech and I'm in culinary. I play soccer, cheerleading, and volleyball. I wanted to work for NESS because I've been sailing foa  long time so I have experience. I also wanted to work NESS because I love to teach kids new things. My main goal is to learn more about the boats and be better so when I race people can see how great the instructors are at their jobs.

Aries Santiago

My name is Aries Santiago and I go to Science & Technology Magnet High School. I like working with NESS because it gives me a chance to work with kids and teach them to sail. I have been sailing for 9 years. It’s my favorite sport and activity. I’ve been volunteering with NESS for 2 years and this is my first year working with them. It’s a great experience and I want to pass on my learning s to the students. I learn new things every day and meet new people every week. NESS has changed my life completely!

Clara-Luz Hoffman

My name is Clara-Luz Hoffman and I go to the Science and Technology Magnet High School in New London. One thing that I have always been drawn to was the water, whether that be a river, lake, ocean, or stream. I've always enjoyed being in or around the water, and something that I now have come to love is sailing. Through working with NESS, I wish to further my skills in sailing by watching, learning, and assisting the the instructors in teaching kids how to sail. Sailing is so much fun and very exciting, and I am eager to learn more about it. I am also eager to learn more about the river we sail in, and learn why the water is the way it is. I am happy and proud to work with NESS.

Noah James IV

My name is Noah James IV and I go to Science & Technology Magnet High School. I like working at NESS because I like being around the water. I also like to be involved with teamwork and I like to teach kids how to sail and put the boats together. I have been in the NESS program for 3 years and been sailing for 4 years and know how to do everything involved with sailing. I play 2 sports and want to be a teacher or engineer when I get older.