NLYA Summer Work For It! 2015 Alumni

Camden Salcedo

My name is Camden Salcedo. I am going into my junior year at the Marine Science Magnet High School. My interests are science, mainly marine science and meteorology. I like surfing, biking, and taking trips to Rocky Neck State Park. I have many more interests, and I would further elaborate on them in a discussion, as there may be too many to list. I decided to work with NESS because I like to be outside, and I would like to teach and learn more about marine science.

I have three goals for this summer with NESS. One is to effectively teach marine science. One of the best ways to educate others on the field of marine science is to utilize hands-on activities. Kayaking, snorkeling, and aquarium sciences are great ways to educate individuals on biotic and abiotic factors in our body of water, this being Long Island Sound. My second goal is to learn more about marine science and potentially meteorology through activities here at NESS. To do this, I plan to be aware of my surroundings and compose projects based on the local environment. These projects could vary from aquarium science, to water quality testing, and even projects based on the local weather patterns. Projects such as these will help me get a better understanding of my local community.My third goal is to become a better kayaker and apply these growths to other areas. Kayaking was never my best activity, but when I started surfing, I realized paddling on my board made me better at paddling in a kayak. I believe kayaking on a weekly basis will help me become better at other activities such as fencing and surfing.

My overall goal is to enjoy my summer. If I were inside every day all summer, I would not enjoy my summer at all. I have to be out in nature, preferably biking or taking part in any water activities. Even though I enjoy indoor activities, I would love to be outside. Working with NESS will allow me to fulfil this goal. My first days working with NESS have been smooth sailing, and I cannot wait to continue. The best kinds of jobs are ones that feel like play, and working with NESS is just that. I look forward to attending work every day.

Giovanni Asprelli

My name is Giovanni Asprelli. I am from New London, CT but was born and raised in New Haven. I am a sophomore at New London High School with mostly honors classes. I am a member of the Football team, and I also do track in the off season. My birthday is August 20th where I’ll be turning 15. I love to work on cars all the time, I enjoy fixing and rebuilding them. I’m always finding a way to make money somehow from doing jobs for people I know, including fixing something for someone. Throughout working at NESS this summer my biggest goal is to get to know people a lot better, and get a lot of experience working to better my future for when I get a real job. I hope to get the kids to enjoy the NESS experience as much as I did. Working here will better me when I start my real job next year. In the program I want to meet more people and learn more than what I have already taken from the previous times being here. I want to pass that knowledge onto the kids so they can learn all about marine life, how to kayak, go snorkeling and so much more.

Junie Dulcice

My name is Junie Dulcice and I was born in Haiti but I live in New London Connecticut. I attend the Science and Technology Magnet High School. I play on the tennis team for New London High School. I enjoy watching foreign professional soccer and my favorite player is Neymar JR. I love water tubbing and banana boating, so the water has always been one of the places I feel comfortable in. In NESS I am looking forward to learning more about the marine species, what they are and how to take care of them. I also want to participate in kayaking and snorkeling. I also will learn skills that I can take on in life that I wouldn’t probably learn anywhere else. I think I would be a great helper when the students visit because I like children, and when it comes to learning there will always be a way to make it fun for them.

Tabari Smith

My name is Tabari Smith. I’m going to be a sophomore at Marine Science Magnet High School. I’m an outgoing person that really loves to help my community especially the younger children. I love to be a big role model to the future generation. One of my goals this summer working for NESS is to build great relationships with younger children that attend the program, so in the future, I can build a program like this; plus I would already have the skills to do so thanks to this experience. Working here will gave me a head start for what I am studying at my high school. I love working here; the reason why I wanted to work here was to have the skills to communicate, to comprehend, and to help others. Working here, will also give me knowledge about marine science, which is very important. This experience won’t have an impact on me just now; it will have an impact on my for the rest of my life. I love sports; my tow favorite sports are basketball and football. I hobby is to sing because singing is what I like to do. People always say I can’t sing, but I keep on striving because if I give up, I will never know that singing can bring to my life. To me, I am really courageous because I never give up because if I do, the negative people will have something to talk about.