Grades 5 - 8

Learn basic navigation skills while participating in the fun hobby of geocaching. Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt using a GPS device! Students become explorers as they learn about navigation on land and sea, investigate how compasses and GPS work, and go geocaching!

Sailing is a fantastic avenue to actualize STEM education in an exciting real life application. Students learn the physics behind sailing, simple machines, basic navigation principles, or another US Sailing REACH module as they actually climb onboard and experience the incredible feeling of sailing! Choose to use small Opti trainers or our 23’ Sonar sailboats to get underway.

Learn about physical properties and the dynamics that influence our coastal waters by collecting samples using tools such as a Van Dorn Bottle and an Eckman Grab. Measure the quality of the water by determining density, temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen, and to understand trends occurring in our oceans, harbors, estuaries, and lakes surrounding where we live.

Gain confidence, paddle techniques, and boat safety skills all while exploring your local ecosystem. Choose from the following adventures: Paddle Challenge, Physics of Paddling, or Watershed Exploration. Or set your own goals and challenges that will fit your group!

Use Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), microscopes, iPads, document cameras, and computer simulations to complete a series of technology challenges. Students work in teams and as individuals to investigate data. They then use their gained knowledge to formulate ideas for new scientific prototypes and test innovative designs.

Calling all engineers and divers for this one-day challenge! Students draft, design, engineer, and compete against fellow classmates as they attempt to build their own Marine Advanced Technology Education Remotely Operated Vehicle (MATE - ROV). This program focuses on buoyancy, pressure with depth, density, and hydrodynamic shapes and sizes, and teaches students tow ork quickly and efficiently as a team. Students will have an opportunity to challenge each other through in-water simulations and a course to test their ability to maneuver their vehicle. Induct your students into the NESS “Abyssal Hall of Fame.” Grades 6 – 12

Gain local knowledge and experience on the water while exploring our local ecosystems. Choose between sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, tide pools, Stonington Harbor, or the NESS dock pilings. Delve into our watershed’s physical properties and feed some of the amazing animals that live in the NESS aquariums.

Fishing is an awesome sport that anyone can do! Practice bait hooks, and properly clean gear. We practice catch and release only. Grades 8 – 12