Pre K-K

Little Technauts
Choose a Little Technaut challenge that can include driving a remote operated vehicle (ROV), manipulating microscopes to discover the tiny world of plankton, using iPads to compare your body to a Killer Whale, and trying out document cameras for closer inspection of corals, fish skeletons, and crab claws.

Wild Senses
Animals have special senses for sight, touch, hearing, hunting and hiding. Experiment with your sense capabilities and compare findings to some animals found locally and around the world. Mimic and investigate some of the abilities of marine animals in-cluding crabs, sea stars, dolphins, fish and more.

Water Sport Adventures
Try a new sport in a safe and fun way! Get a taste of sailing, kayaking, surfing, or wind-surfing in this adventure program. Class is designed specifically for pre-K students to try the techniques of these sports in a con-trolled safe environment or on land. Choose to sail in Opti Trainers while tied to the docks, kayak with an instructor, or simulate surfing and windsurfing on land by practic-ing balancing on the boards, surf pop-ups, and pulling up the windsurf sail. Pick 2 sport options for every hour of program.

Some additional program options …

  • Wacky World of Invertebrates
  • Exploring the Ocean Coast
  • Ocean Animals Big and Small
  • Bite-Sized Basics
  • Incredible Watery World
  • Exploring the Ocean Coast

    OR…Create your own program!